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360 days before opening.

1. Image resource 2. Cleaning the subconscious 3. Do it yourself 4. Coaching


Welcome on board! We are starting here. There are three things that you need for starting a biz. You need a vision, you need a powerful lever to go ahead and finally you need an innovative idea.

In this first course, we shall show you how to use mental imagery for training your subconscious in order to be successful in your business life. Mental imagery is the first step in the visioning process.

Of course, it's quite difficult to explain how mental imagery works. There are not any scientific explanations of these techniques of training. It does not mean that you must not use them.

For example, you think every day. However, there is not yet any scientific explanation about the consistency of the thought. Consequently, you have just to apply a lot of recipes: Experience shows that they usually succeed.

If you want to hear about the scientific researches regarding mental imagery, you can read the lesson below.

External readings:

Go to Stanford: . Click on "table of content", then click on M on the navigator panel. Finally, click on "Mental imagery". You will find here the Nigel Thomas 's article about the scientific history of visualization and mental imagery.


Lesson: 1 hour

External readings (Including "Stanford" above): 4 Hours

Do it yourself: 35 hours

Total: About 40 Hours


Mental imagery describes the images that you can see in your mind. In this first lesson we only deal with images coming from memories of past events that you have experienced. The objectives are:

-To show you how to create your image resource and to relax.

-To show you how to use your image resource for removing the memories of your negative experiences.

By the end, your subconscious should be prepared for establishing your business vision.

1. Image resource 2. Cleaning the subconscious 3. Do it yourself 4. Coaching


We shall show you how to create your image resource and how to use it for relaxing but before going any further, you have to find out your preferred sensory method.

11-Discover your best sensory method

Anyone has a preferred method of perception: people are indeed above all sensitive:

  • either to what they see (visual)
  • or to what they hear (auditory)
  • or what they feel or touch.

To determine your preferred method of perception, you will make the following exercise.

Firstly, here is a list of words. Ask someone to read them to you while you are doing the exercise.

A dance

A street

An apple

An ink pot



An office

A kitchen

A valley

A lake

A forest

A T-shirt

A river





A castle


A meeting

A leather chair

As soon as you hear the word, tick straight away the column that seems to best correspond to what comes immediately into your mind:

If an image appears, if you see something in your mind, tick the column V. If you hear a sound or if you repeat the word in your mind, tick A. If you feel a physical sensation or find a taste or smell, tick G.




* * *
* *  

Look at the column that is ticked the most. This is your preferred sensory method. Also observe the one that you have only ticked rarely. This is without doubt the sensory method that you use the least. Obviously in the above example, the man who has ticked is a "visual" and secondary an "auditory".

This knowledge of your best sensory method will help you for building your image resource.

12-Choose your image resource

-Definition: The image resource is a mental image that is to say an image that you see in your mind when your eyes are closed.

This image resource is the memory of a pleasant situation that you have really experienced in the past.

With this banal memory, you have a work to do for transforming it in a strong mental image which is able to make you relive the feelings that you had experienced in the past.

For example, when you have had a painful experience and when you remember it, you feel again, in a weaker way, the feelings that you had already experienced :you shudder again retrospectively, you go pale.

On the contrary, thanks to your image resource, you should remember your past pleasant feelings and try to live them again as intensely as possible. I mean that your first task is to choose among the flow of your memories, one very pleasant which can fill up some characteristics:

-Your image resource must be a very pleasant image.

-Your image resource must be a very quiet image. Consequently, avoid very moving images such as a dance party or a meeting. A situation where you are alone and at rest must be favored.

Down earth advice

Many persons choose the memory of a river as image resource. It could be a good choice because it gives a feeling of quietness. Mountains and green meadows could be also very effective.

You must have a strong feeling of identity with your image resource. For this reason, it's always better to choose it in an environment where you have lived for a long time.

Once your image has been chosen, try to adapt it to your best sensory method. If you are:

    • more visual: increase the number of colors in your mental image
    • more auditory: plan for sounds, voices and pleasant melodies than you imagine you hearing when looking at the image in your mind
    • more G: see yourself in your mental image touching things, shaking hands and so on. Imagine smelt and perfume and try to live it.

    You will use your image resource in many situations and first for relaxing.

13-Relaxation techniques

You need to learn how to relax because relaxation is the first step of many process in mental imagery and visioning. We shall give you here our personal method that we experience everyday. Its main advantage is to be easy to use with fast results.

Your image resource is the first thing that you need when you are going to relax. Then you have to choose a quiet place for example your bedroom. Make sure there is no noise to interrupt your relaxation. Remain in half-darkness. Lie down if you are in your bedroom or sit in a position that makes it easy to relax if you are in an office.

When you are in this situation begin to relax:

-First sequence

Close your eyes. Breathe as slowly and as regularly as possible. Say the formula: I am perfectly calm

Imagine your image resource as we have defined it before: For example, a river that flows in the countryside. Mentally develop this image: Look at this image from all sides and try to relive your feelings. It must occupy your whole mind so as not to leave any room for other sensations or ideas.

-Second sequence.

Say the following phrases with your inner voice: My left arm is heavy, my two arms are heavy, my legs are heavy, my entire body is heavy.

You should have a vision of your body sinking, disappearing. The aim of this exercise is to make all bodily sensations fade away as much as possible.

-Third sequence

Now let's your image resource disappearing. You should be in a pre-sleep condition. Bodily feeling is reduced to its simplest expression. You think of nothing. Your mind is empty.

The drawing 2 illustrates the relaxation process:

As you can see, it's look quite easy. In fact you will need to train: Practice this exercise, several times a day. When you have mastered it, you will be able to reach this relaxed state almost instantaneously: Count in your head from 10 to 1.

10 — 9 — 8 — 7 : carrying out the 1st sequence

6 — 5 — 4 — 3 : carrying out the second sequence

2 - 1 : carrying out the 3rd sequence.

By slowly pronouncing 10 — 9 — 8 — 7 up to 1, you will attain the required state of relaxation. Count one month of exercise to reach this automatic mastery.

1. Image resource 2. Cleaning the subconscious 3. Do it yourself 4. Coaching


Right now, you have to use your image resource and the relaxation techniques for cleaning your subconscious from all the negative beliefs which are coming from your past.

21-Analysing reality: Autobiography.

What do you do when you start a new day? You shower and you wash your body. Now, you are starting a new life: You have to clean your reality. Reality is made up of two things: Your past and your present condition

Your present condition is influenced by your past. As the past no longer exists, it is above all your memories that explain your current state. You are going therefore to examine your past or more precisely the memories and beliefs that you have of it.

Take a pen and paper and write down your life from the beginning. Write down your life chronologically, breaking it down into distinct periods: Childhood, learning period, studies, first job etc. Analyze each period and look for:

• What you wanted at the time

• What was your most outstanding feeling

For example, look at the following imaginary autobiography of a young man that we shall call John:

1970-1975: I don’t remember much of my early childhood. I had 2 brothers and 3 sisters. My mother was very busy. My father came home late and beat us. My little brother was very funny. We had good times together. My sister brought me up and dealt with us, but she complained all the time. I don’t have good memories of this period because of my father.

1975-1987: I started primary school. I learned to read, write and count quickly. My teacher was very nice. Later, I wanted to be a building engineer. Overall, I have good memories of school.

1987-1993: I went to high school. I had great difficulty with literature. In 1990, I went to a vocational to become an accountant. I had no friends and the other students who were often older than me mocked me. I have very bad memories of this period.

1993-2000: I did my military service in the Navy. I liked the open-air life and the sports a lot. After military service, I found a job as a clerk in an insurance company. I don’t earn much money and I experience a mediocre life. I don’t go out much, I have few friends and I don’t have much fun.

Make a table to use this analysis:


    Would you like to relive this period


    70 — 75



    75 — 87



    87 — 93




Analyze carefully the answers to these questions and look for the true reason. In the periods that you do not like, carefully isolate the past experiences and feelings which were particularly unpleasant. Above all, don’t hide anything. As with a psy, recall the shameful events. Tell the truth and the truth will free you. Make a list of these events and prepare you to neutralize them.

22-Use image resource: Association-Dissociation

It's a well known fact that our present behavior is often linked to negative experiences in your past. You have written your autobiography and carefully isolated the unpleasant events. Now, you will neutralize these negative experiences.

Just as you wipe data from your computer’s hard disk, removing unnecessary programs, you should wipe your subconscious, removing all the memories of negative experiences.

The first step is to relax. Consequently, do the three sequence of the former exercise. When you are fully relaxed, you imagine a mental screen just like a television screen.

Imagine that you Turn on your screen just like a television and relive the negative experience. Vision the image of the experience and relive your painful feelings (humiliation, shame, rage). In this state, you are fully associated to this negative past experience.

Now, disassociate yourself:

Put yourself in the position of an independent observer of the previous image. Watch yourself act as if you were someone else. It is no longer you on the screen, it is your double! You are just a spectator of what you were doing. Let this dissociated image takes over your mental screen.

The black square shows the negative experience when you are reliving it. It's quite painful. The gray square shows the same experience when you have dissociated from it.

On this mental screen, imagine a small square where you look at and relive your image resource (the flowing river for example). Relive it to the maximum leaving the rest of the screen occupied by the negative experience from which your were dissociated.

Enlarge the square of your image resource on the mental screen so that the image of the unpleasant experience disappears completely. It will disappear quickly because you are now fully associated with your image resource.

On the drawing, the little blue square represents your image resource which is then enlarged to occupy your entire screen.

Proceed like that for all the unpleasant events you have listed. By the end, you will completely clean up your past and your subconscious.

Be very careful with the people that were witnesses to your negative experiences. Each time you meet them, you can expect they will remind you of those negative periods: "Do you remember when you made us laugh with your exam? and so on"

The cleaning work will be called into question each time you meet them. With a simple look, they will reinstall all your negative beliefs. Only one solution : Don’t see them any more, avoid them, eliminate all witnesses to your past lack of success.

23-Surf on troubles

Whatever you do, you will come across difficult experiences in your current situation. For example, you know that an event will go badly. For avoiding to built up a new negative experience, you will cross the event as if you were outside it, as if you were not concerned.

For this purpose, you will use the anchoring method that relies on using a stimulation (image or gesture) that automatically provokes an internal representation. For example: Seeing a blackboard (visual anchor) inspires classroom memories. Listening to a song inspires memories of a party (auditory anchoring) .

The stimulation may be visual : remove your glasses, auditory : listen to a song, kinesthetic: Tighten your fists. Its aim is to produce when needed the desired emotional state to deal with a given situation.

For implementing an anchoring, use the following technique:

As soon as you have reached the relaxation stage, keep it and associate a simple movement with your image resource, like for example, clenching the fist. Restart the operation as often as possible to create a conditioned reflex.

Subsequently, each time that you need your image resource, clench your fist. This gesture will help you to find it, without having to put yourself in a relaxed state.

When you are confronting a painful event, clench your fist, call your image resource. Focus on your image resource and cross the event as though it did not concern you.

When the event is finished, all that will remain is a dissociated image and not an associated one that would harm your subconscious.

You have not to be involved in unpleasant events. With your image resource, you surf on the events that you do not like!

24-Now rewrite your life!

When you have cleaned your past, you can re-write your personal history eliminating all the negative periods and experiences. This is the history with which you will confront immediate reality. Rather than pulling yourself back, this history will push you forward.

Clean the past and the John 's history becomes:

1970-2000: I had some good times with my younger brother. I learned quickly and easily at primary school. The Navy gave me a lot of self-confidence. I am very good at sports and open-air life. I am working for a short period in a financial office. I am making the most of this job to learn some tips useful for starting a biz: I want in the next future to create my own sports business. I am confident: I will enjoy a success story!

Obviously, John must eliminate his bad witnesses: He must not see any more his father, his elder sister who complained all the time or his colleagues at the vocational school. On the contrary, he must get in touch with his brother, his teacher and colleagues of Navy.

Positive beliefs make you see reality as a spring to success. Right now, you are free to choose your vision and that vision will transport you in a successful world.

External readings

Go to . Click on "psychological self help". There is a complementary reading about what you have just learnt. You can also click on "tests" to realize some psychological tests.

1. Image resource 2. Cleaning the subconscious 3. Do it yourself 4. Coaching

Lesson summary

The knowledge of your best sensory method will help you for building your image resource: Your image resource is a mental image that is to say an image that you see in your mind when your eyes are closed.

This image resource is the memory of a pleasant situation that you have really experienced in the past.

You will use your image resource in many situations and first for relaxing and for cleaning your subconscious from all the negative beliefs which are coming from your past.

Once, you have cleaned your past, you can re-write your personal history eliminating all the negative periods and experiences. Rather than pulling yourself back, this history will push you forward.

1. Image resource 2. Cleaning the subconscious 3. Do it yourself 4. Coaching


You have a lot of things to do:

1-First, you must write your autobiography. We recommend you to reread your bio the day after a good night. Do the job in one shot during a week-end when you are not disturbed. Look at your old photos. They could ease the remembrance process. Count about 5 hours of full work for this task

2-Make the exercise about the sensory preference and then, choose your image resource. In writing your bio, you have certainly isolated an event that you would like to relive. Describe completely your image resource. If possible, paint it. Count at least 5 hours for the choice of your image resource.

3-Then, begin the relaxation exercises as described above: Each day, practice 4 exercises during 15 days. As each exercise could last 15 minutes, it means that you have to plan 15 hours of training within these two weeks. Do not go to the visioning module as long as you are not able to relax in the way we have explained

4-Mastering your image resource, you have to eliminate the negative experiences. You should need about five days for eliminating them but the duration depends on your life. In the same way, use the anchoring process and also begin to avoid people bearing negative influence. Count about 8 hours to perform the Tasks.

5-Finally, rewrite your life ( Count only 2 hours as you mainly write an abstract)

It means that all these tasks need about 35 hours within a month.

When all these tasks have be done, you can enter in the visioning course.

1. Image resource 2. Cleaning the subconscious 3. Do it yourself 4. Coaching


Don't send your autobiography. That is your privacy!

You can send a description of your image resource. I underline that your image resource is a crucial step for your global enterprise.

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