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What is in it for you?

1-First benefit: You are going to start your own business within the learning process !

Starting right now, you are supposed to open your business in 360 days. Advanced techniques in hyper learning and personal development (Visioning, creativity and so on) favor this unique effectiveness.

Our on line program integrates Learning and doing: It requires 500 hours divided into 180 hours of learning and 320 hours of acting (real creation of the business). Our basic courses follow the US academic standards and reach the same level than on line business schools. What is more, we have invented some managerial tools that do not exist in other schools. You can look at the list of all these managerial inventions in the above abstract of the 30 lessons (pink color code).

The program also includes about 130 external links. These links include academic lessons, training courses from the best consulting groups and articles relevant to the subject. Of course, lessons and links are constantly updated. It means that in entering the program, you are getting a life long learning tool!

It is easy to use.

2-Second benefit: You get a tailored and personal on line coaching:

At the end of each work station, you can call for help and send me your questions and ideas. I pay personal attention and answer as soon as possible.

Considering on line learning, it's a very important matter to have a real person to call. With e-books, learners are isolated and they often give up just because they have nobody to talk with.

I have written and organized this program by myself. It gives a personal touch and I hope that it's not boring!

3-Third benefit: For free !

The costs in time and money of MBA entrepreneurship program are very high. If you are like most people starting a small biz, you don't have a ton of money for training. On the other hand, e-books and small starting guide are only good for home based business such as typewriting.

We are offering a solution to your problem: You get our on line program for free by special courtesy of the author: Dr. Gerard Pince. It's the best quality/cost ratio on the world market !

We are not a Diploma mill ! We do not deliver any Diploma or certificate because we only target people who are really eager to start his or her own business.

Starting a business is a complex endeavor that requires good psychological and intellectual capacities. Unfortunately, too many would be entrepreneurs lack of basic knowledge's in economy and management. That is why we have set up this program. It can enhance your real chances of success.

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Global advices

You need to have a good understanding of the program principles. Our program unifies the learning and the acting process for starting a business. That is unique to our offering

FW1-Mental Imagery


Thanks to mental imagery and visioning, you will handle your image resource, your success image and your vision. It means that you will develop a powerful tool to succeed. At the end, you will have a first vision of the project you want to create. Use this module permanently : It is quite an exclusivity on the web. It's your magic wand!


You will develop your creativity with fascinating tools such as mind mapping and mind revolution (A new tool). Thanks to this creativity tank, you will transform your vision in a first innovative idea of your future business.

FW4-Micro economy

In this module, we shall introduce the fundamental notions in micro-economy and show how they apply to any business: Production possibility frontier, the law of diminishing returns, productivity, investment, creativity, specialization, concentration, division of labor, economies of scale, equilibrium price, price elasticity, income elasticity and so on.

This course contains a lot of practical advices. It enables you to analyze your future company’s environment an to begin to think about certain principles of management and strategy. These knowledge's can also enable you to progress toward the discovery of your own business idea.

FW5-Macro economy

This lesson analyses the economical mechanism in the context of growth and short term issues: Gross domestic product, factors of production, wages, interests, profit, inflation, unemployment, monetary policy, government policy.

The lesson recommends you to focus on creativity and knowledge which are the most powerful driving forces for increasing corporate profits and well being.


This course surveys international trade, balance of payments , exchange rate and globalization. Globalization enhances the share of international economics in the world economy.

FW7-World Economy

How can you design a product or prepare a marketing plan when you don’t know anything about the real world in which we live? You need to know about the real world.

This course identifies the major geopolitical driving forces. It gives you the big pictures about the world GDP and the world population. It shows that 82% of the world's wealth is only concentrated in 15 countries. It explains that the GDP per capita heavily depends on freedom and knowledge.

FW8-Country rating

This module provides you with a country rating world guide dedicated to small business needs. This world guide is based on the author experience: It includes 137 countries and represents a precious tool for any small biz. This guide is a web exclusivity.

FW9-Global trends

In 2030, the world's Market will be located around the Pacific. Make careful note of these forecasts to finalize your business idea. In terms of market, bear in mind America, Asia and Pacific. Economic activity will be concentrated in this huge area. This survey is a web exclusivity.

FW10-Sector rating

The sector rating guide is based on the forecasts about the world situation in 2030. It covers 20 main sectors. it recommends to mainly focus on education, tourism, and services for aged and security. Cobotic, nanotechnologies, bio technologies, genetics, seaweeds, GMO can also offer bright opportunities for skilled people. This guide is a web exclusivity. Our purpose is to stimulate your creativity. You have to get your business idea by the end of this course!  

FW11-Business idea

This crucial module enables you to assess your business idea with three new tools: the idea assessment matrix, the risk assessment matrix, and the regulation assessment matrix.

Beware of primary sectors such as agriculture or mining which imply many threats, poor creativity, vast number of unskilled labor and heavy regulations. Prohibit any illegal or criminal activities. Remember that franchising can be a solution if you are deprived of any new idea.

FW12-First sketch

You have gotten a business idea. You must transform it into a simple sketch. It enables you to answer to the two following question: Have you the financial capacity to realize this project? Is the idea profitable?

For checking the global feasibility of your project, This course provides you with two new tools: The Starting equity/ Starting cost ratio and the Running costs/Selling price ratio

FW13-Consumer analysis

This lesson allows you to evaluate the size of the market. It covers a lot of topics such as customer analysis, customer benefit, functional, psychological and high involvement benefits, customer profile, market segmentation, cluster analysis, and so on. It's a core lesson.

FW14-Supplier analysis

This lesson enables you to evaluate the competition: Product life cycle, competitive analysis, perceptual mapping, SWOT analysis, positioning, choice modeling and other advanced techniques are used.

FW15-Marketing mix

This lesson introduces the four Ps, product, place, price and promotion which are used to establish a detailed and final marketing plan. It enables you to quote your price, to estimate your sales forces, to calculate your sales forecasts.

Remember that sales force brings in money. This point cannot be too strongly emphasized.This marketing module is a core course for your project.

FW16-Manufacturing process

Before selling, you have to produce or to assemble. This lesson examines the major causes of failure: Technical failure, Bottleneck, huge inventories of final goods; huge inventory of raw materials. If the manufacturing process appears too complicate or expansive, follow the new industrial trend and focus on the idea to assemble rather than to produce. Maybe you could find a new process better adapted to your resources and capacities.


This course shows you how to organize in order to bring value to customers. It introduces new business concepts such as value functions, support and back office functions. It teaches you how to assemble great people with a new human resource policy and in relying on outsourcing, free lance and external consultants.


Without book keeping, you can’t lead a company in an effective way. It's just like traveling in a foreign country without any map! What is more, without some accounting knowledge's, you should be quite unable to deal with the figures of costs and receipts that are coming from the previous lessons. It means that this lesson is a must for you.

FW19-Financial statements

Financial statements are the most important source for evaluating a company. As a manager, you must understand these statements which consist of a balance sheet, an income statement, a cash flow statement. What is more, you must be able to set up cash flow projections.

FW20-Financial analysis

To have a good understanding of your company, you must analyze its financial statements. Financial analysis is based on ratios such as liquidity ratios, solvency ratios, profitability ratios and the famous Return on Equity (ROE). Amongst these ratios, the Du Pont chart is the most useful. It's just like your global positioning system!

FW21-Cash flow

You have acquired the basic notions of accounting, financial statements and ratio analysis. Now it is time to put these notions into practice.This case study shows you how to apply these financial knowledge's for starting your business and then managing it.

Consequently, after this case study, you will have to prepare all the financial part of your business plan. It will be easy because you have already all the tools you need to perform this job.

FW22-Business name

This course gives you a lot of practical advices: Choosing your business name is a critical decision. Legal structures depend on the country where the company is based and you should have better to consult a lawyer. The lesson shows you how to write your mission statement. It is a single sentence counting no more than thirty words. It must include the business name, the business idea and your unique selling advantage.

FW23-Decision making process

This course provides you with the toolbox you need for improving your decision making process: Reactive and proreactive decisions, risk assessment matrix, quantitative analysis, bell curve, decision trees, grid analysis, field force analysis, automatic decision process and so on.

FW24-Business Plan and check point

The thinking process is finished. Time is going to act. Before, you have to make a complete check up. This course gives you a new tool: The quick checking matrix: Another exclusivity!. It gives you some tips for presenting your business plan-dissertation and indicates the small expenses you can engage right now.


You are now a business man! You have to look, to speak, to write and to act like a business man. This course gives you the precise codes you need for each type of communication.


Business life is a permanent negotiation with others people who are defending their own interests. This course shows you how to plan and to conduct a negotiation. Learn it before taking appointment for raising money!

FW27-Raising money

This module shows you how to raise money for starting your business.

The best way is of course to use your personal savings but if you don't have much money, it doesn't matter. If you have a good idea, you will certainly find the funds you need. Family, relatives, friends must be actively prospected. What is more, there are today many business angels mainly located in the USA and United kingdom. Even if you are living in other countries, do not hesitate to contact them. They are constantly eager to receive new projects.The biz angels and venture companies can also provide you with smart money.

Finally, once your business is started, you can approach the banks to get some loans.

FW28-Project management

This course describes the tasks for implementing your business: For this purpose, you will use once again Gantt chart, Critical path analysis and PERT. Then you have now to really buy the different equipments that you need. For your investment decision making, you will learn to use different tools: Net present value, pay back period and cross over analysis.

You must have two tools for controlling your progress: The Gantt chart and the chart control enable you to supervise your costs and to stay in line with your budget. Do not be passive, constantly react and pilot your project.

The value of a company lies of its management. We propose a simple process to achieve this objective.This course describes the rules of the easy management concept: VCM analysis, goal setting, control and management chart.

By the end you will have all the basic knowledge's for organizing and managing your new biz. You also must be able to establish budgets and to use price and volume variance


Strategy is the art to combine all your means to achieve goals. You have to weight your strengths and weaknesses and to closely analyze the external threats and opportunities such as competitors, suppliers, customers and so on: When this examination is over, you have to choose a strategic movement: vertical integration, horizontal integration, diversification. Each of them presents its costs and benefits. We recommend the knowledge movement.

It's now up to you!

One final piece of advice: You are going to come across unforeseen difficulties, just like anybody else.Whenever you have a problem, whenever you're feeling disheartened: Look back at the visioning module and do the exercises !














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